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People who use alternative cancer treatments often believe they can combine multiple treatments without fear of conflicts. This is simply not true. For example, Essiac Tea will prevent Cancell from working. Although this interaction is known, there has been very little testing of interactions between other alternative treatments.

The test kit provides a method to determine your compatibility to an alternative cancer treatment based on your body and the other supplements you are currently taking. This will uncover any conflects.

In the hands of a skilled practitioner, the test kit can also be used to determine the most effective treatment for you to use.

Let the energy field of your body
help you fine the best treatment.

Why Use a Test Kit

If an alternative cancer treatment worked for a friend, that does not mean it will work for you. Most alternative cancer treatments are about 25% effective. That is not the best rate on which to bet your life. Testimonials do not mean much; even an alternative cancer treatment with a 5% success rate can still obtain many inspiring testimonials. There is most likely an alternative cancer treatment that will work for you, but finding it can consume a lot of time. With a test kit, you can immediately obtain a positive or negative reaction from your body without:

Performing the test kit procedure with a cancer patient is one of the few cancer related activities you can do together. And it is likely to increase their interest in alternative treatments.

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Principle of Operation

This test kit uses the principles of Behavioral Kinesiology an aspect of Applied Kinesiology. Behavioral Kinesiology is based on two facts:

To learn more about Behavioral Kinesiology you can:

You can learn about the energy, Behavioral Kinesiology is based on by reading how Science Verifies "Conscious Energy"* or Science Measures the Human Energy Field**.

If you have ever had a chiropractor test your strength while you held a sample of some substance, you have experienced Behavioral Kinesiology. By having your own test kit you can do much more, such as finding the most effective treatment for you.

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Perform Your Own Testing

Almost all chiropractors use Applied Kinesiology to determine a patients compatibility to different substances. However, you can use a simple Applied Kinesiology test procedure, included with the kit, and obtain this compatibility feedback yourself. Or, you can use the services of an energy worker who can use the test kit to actually determine the most effective treatment for you.

Kit Contents

The kit contains: an illustrated test procedure and 12 imprinted samples, one for each of the alternative cancer treatments presented on this web site. See List of Samples below.


Substances used for Applied Kinesiology testing often have a short shelf life. This makes it impractical to use them for testing. To solve this problem, the industry developed a method to transfer the vibrational energy signature of any substance into a stable holding medium, deionized water. The process is called imprinting and is accepted by the College of Applied Kinesiology, chiropractors, and practitioners of the Nambudripad (NAET) ** allergy elimination technique (probably the largest users of samples for Applied Kinesiology). Imprinting produces samples with an indefinite shelf life. To read the scientific evidence for imprinting, go to The Cavendish Laboratory web site.

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Most Effective Treatment

One of the oldest traditions of energy workers are dowsers. These are the people that use a forked stick to locate underground water. Success in finding water prompted dowsers to develop other methods to use this phenomenon. Today, dowsers also use a pendulum to obtain answers to body energy related questions. For example, while working with the test kit, a dowser can ask your body, "will this treatment be more effective than this other treatment." To locate a dowser.

There are other types of energy workers as well as psychics and clairvoyant readers that can help you obtain this type of feedback. You can find such practitioners in magazines like the Open Exchange.

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Example Test Approaches

These are only three of the possible test procedures that can be performed with the test kit. Different types of energy workers can use the test kit in different ways:

Testing Other Supplements

Almost everyone who embraces alternative cancer treatments takes too many substances and eventually take something that interferes. The most common example is using Essiac or vitamin C with Cantron or Protocel. I also suspect that Essiac interferes with Paw Paw, but there is no evidence yet. You can use the procedure that comes with the test kit to test your compatibility to any treatment you are taking or considering. Just as with the vials, hold a small paper cup containing some of the supplement being tested in your hand, eyes closed (you should not know what is being tested), and perform this the compatibility test as described in the procedure.

Testing While Taking Treatments

Not many people are interested in stopping cancer treatments if they feel the treatments are working. Also, most alternative cancer treatments are compatible with each other. For these reasons, it is reasonable to use the test kit while continuing to take the treatments already started.

It is true that you can get the best test kit readings for effectiveness by stopping all treatments for about two days. However, The resultant clarity of testing may not compensate for the interruption in treatment. The disadvantages of stopping a treatment vary from patient to patient. You will have to weigh the advantages and disadvantages.

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List of Samples

This is a list of the alternative cancer treatments that you can test using the test kit. The dollar amount listed after the treatment is the cost that you would normally have to pay for the smallest size available:

1. 714X $300
2. Beta Glucan $20
3. Cantron $65
4. Cesium Chloride $120
5. Emulsified vitamin A $25
6. Ellagic Acid $30

7. Essiac tea $35
8. Hydrazine Sulfate $27
9. Laetrile B-17 $52
10. MGN-3 $60
11. Paw Paw $30
12. Protocel $117

The numbers in front of each treatment correspond to the numbers printed on each vial in the kit.

To order a test kit, click the order button below, it takes you to a in the Yahoo Store web site:

Order a $35 Test Kit to Test $800+ Worth of Cancer Treatments

If purchased separately, even in the smallest amounts available, the treatments tested with the test kit would cost more than $800. However, for $35 (US) you can purchase a test kit containing 12 vials imprinted with the alternative cancer treatments listed above. Shipping is $4 for priority USPS (2 day) and $7 for international air. Questions? Email Paul Winter.

It is better that you do not know which treatment you are testing so numbers have been placed on the vials rather than the actual treatment names. The kit contains the numbered list which also corresponds to the numbers in the List of Samples above.

Refund Policy

If not satisfied for any reason, simply return the kit within approximately 30 days and include your: credit card number, expiration date, name, and address. If you do not wish to send your credit card number through the mail, I can mail you a check.

To order a test kit, click the order button below, it takes you to a page in the Yahoo Store web site:

Locate an Applied Kinesiology Practitioner

Use one of these sources to locate an Applied Kinesiology practitioner:

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My Experience

Although I did not have a test kit when I realized I had cancer, I did have an opportunity to use this type of testing to check out the supplements I was taking a few years ago. Since my swimming team days back in college, I have been taking lots of supplements. I did this because I was able to see the effect of high-dose supplements on my swimming performance which I closely monitored. However, as the years went by, and new supplements such CoEnzyme Q10 appeared, I felt that I might be taking too many supplements.

I asked a friend of mine to help me perform the Applied Kinesiology test with my supplements to see if there were some that my body didn't like. When the testing was over and I opened my eyes, my friend said this is the only one that tested negative. That was the supplement I had actually stopped taking because I found that it upset my stomach.

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