"According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way that a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies away anyway. Because bees don't care what humans think is possible" 1

What do you believe is possible in regards to becoming symptom free? Are your belief's preventing your full recovery?

A diagnosis and prognosis are not 'written in stone'. You can change your health outcome by changing what you believe is possible - that more is possible!




Why do you have allergies or other chronic symptoms?

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See my updated Iceberg Symptom Analagy post at DIGGING DEEPER: For a Healthier You at http://mybodycanhealitself.ca/wordpress/?p=3389. An allergic response is the body's attempt to protect you against the harmful invasion (or perceived harmful invasion) by a substance.  Although there are many genuine life threatening allergies, our bodies can mount an allergic response to substances that are not really going to hurt us.  What actually hurts us is the anaphylactic or allergic reaction.  This "skewed" response is sometimes the result of an initial assault by toxins or microbes.  After the initial assault is over the body is extremely vigilant about protecting against other substances.  Sometimes the brain "overreacts" and mounts a histamine reaction or other immune response to additional or all substances that the person is exposed to, including the foods that they are eating; especially those consumed around the time of the initial exposure to the toxins or offending trigger. Allergies, inflammation and chronic symptoms are just the 'tip of the iceberg'.  To permanently eliminate allergies and chronic symptoms it is important to deal the the 'base of the iceberg' issues and break the associations.

Chronic symptoms are the result of underlying 'base of the iceberg' issues. Chronic inflammation, for one, can seriously hurt the body and lead to more serious health concerns if not addressed properly. Using symptomatic relief, although necessary to carry on with your day and function, is only a 'band aid solution'. Whatever diagnosis and prognosis you have been presented with, expect more of your body. It is possible to resolve the underlying 'base of the iceberg' issues if you can identify them; and become symptom free. Let me show you how by booking a BodyFeedback™ Interview & Therapy session. Treat your body to the same type of  'check up analysis' that you provide for your vehicle. You are worth it! Learn more.

Focusing your attention and money on symptomatic relief like medications or permanent allergy elimination treatments for allergies and chronic symptoms, ‘tip of the iceberg’ symptoms, may not provide long term holding power without first addressing the underlying ‘base of the iceberg’ issues. FOOD ALLERGIES: Gone and my other books will provide you with the strategies that I used to regain my health and the recommended path to follow. My blood tests revealed allergic responses to 80+ foods. I am now 100% allergy free and can eat out at any restaurant and eat whatever I want. I suffered from multiple chronic debilitating symptoms. Let me show you the 'right way' to become 100% symptom free. If you experience serious allergic reactions you should consider having an ‘Epipen’ with you at all times. It is also important to have an Epipen to transition to  100% allergy free. This can be a life saving measure. Ask your doctor for a prescription. Being prepared for allergy emergencies is a must.

Persons with allergies often also have multiple chemical sensitivities and other chronic symptoms, which can be the result of hyper sensitized areas due to toxins or base of the iceberg issues. The body makes associations based on whatever caused the original skewed or excessive response and continues to tap into that information, which has becomes a part of the body's cellular memory.

Nervous system reprogramming uses biofeedback which can eliminate food allergies, intolerances, sensitivities and chronic symptoms permanently, by breaking the associations.   The energy balancing therapy (biofeedback) used, can prevent the brain from reacting to the allergy, intolerance, sensitivity symptoms trigger item by breaking the association.  Allergies, multiple chemical sensitivies and chronic symptoms are eliminated permanently as long as the underlying 'base of the iceberg' issues are also resolved (e.g. body/mind pollution). 

From my experience, the best place 'in hind sight' is to start with the cause - investigating, understanding and dealing with. It can save you valuable time and money and allow you to get back to your life. To learn how to do this read  FOOD ALLERGIES: Gone.  This is the recommended approach for all symptoms.  To book a consultation see the contact information.


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What do you believe is possible in regards to becoming symptom free? Are your belief's (about what is possible) preventing your full recovery?

A diagnosis and prognosis are not 'written in stone'. You can change your health outcome by changing what you believe is possible.

I did just that! Let me show you how!


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